Bremner: A Unique Australian Company

Bremner Glass Equipment (BGE), founded in 1926, is a family owned and operated company that has been operating for four generations. Originally specialising in flat glass, together with glazing and replacement glass services, in 1968 BGE commenced manufacturing racks and truck bodies.

The business grew and tray trucks were replaced by “A” racks and innovative truck body designs and labour-saving devices for the glass industry.

In 1987, BGE began manufacturing new equipment including the introduction of special vacuum lifting systems, cranes and tables, supported by modern computerised cutting and processing machinery imported from Europe. All equipment was supported by OH&S risk and hazard management documentation, training and proficiency testing and accreditation.

The legacy continues today with continual innovation and design that adopt the latest concepts and ideas to keep Bremner at the forefront of the glass industry in machinery, equipment and safe industry practices.

All of this is supported by a culture of providing quality products and services that add value for our clients, and strengthens the supply relationship with them.

We embrace problems and enjoy working with clients to find effective bottom line solutions. This sets us apart from competitors and overseas suppliers, and we encourage you to call us at any time we can partner you in making your business more effective and profitable.